We purchased our first two suffolk ewes for our daughter in 1983.  They seemed to fit in nice with our dairy operation, as we maintained 100 milking cows.  Over the next several years we purchased ewes from Geo Brothers, Buckeye Acres,
John Sponaugle and Frost-Aire.  Since that time we have basically closed our flock except for the occasional purchasing of a ram.

Through the years as our numbers increased to 200 ewes, it became apparent that we could not merchandise enough of one type, so we diversified the flock into three basic segments; Frame Type, Club Lamb and Commercial Ram. 

It has always been our intent to raise easy doing sheep that are trouble free and competitive in the ring.

All our sheep are registered and are NN and
DNA tested.  We are enrolled in the National Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, Import/Export.
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