Past Performers
All Of The Featured Past Performers
Were Bred And Raised
At Renn-Vue Farms
"Sitting Bull"
One of the largest ram lambs shown in Louisville, weight and height
Third and Fourth Place
Yearling Ewes at Louisville
First time a slick sheared ram was Champion at Michigan Suffolk Classic
Grand Champion Ewe
Michigan State Fair 2005
Grand Champion Ewe
Michigan State Fair 2006
Sired by VanArkel 2676 ASA
CL-1769 January Ram
Second Place
Intermediate Ram
Sired by VanArkel 2676 ASA
First Place Pair of Ram Lambs
2007 Michigan State Fair
Ram on right was First Place Intermediate
Ram on left sold to the Groves' of Canada
Another ram lamb that was sold to Groves' of Canada
The ram stood Fourth at the
2007 Winter Royal in Toronto
Ewe lamb sold to
Laura & Maggie Almond
From Missouri
First Place Yearling
at the 2008 Canadian Winter Royale
for Josh & Melissa Groves
Sweet Pea LD-2718
2nd Place
Late February Ewe Lamb at NAILE in 2009
Sired by Lucky Draw Clift 0506
1st Place January Ewe Lamb
at the 2009 Cornbelt
Congratulations to the Fuss Family
on their Supreme Champion Ewe.
Purchased from Renn-Vue Farms at the 2009 Ohio Suffolk Sale.